10 fitness myths debunked!

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It is time to expose the 10 common fitness myths that are often misunderstood to be true.

1) Myth : The more you sweat, the more calories you burn. 

Fact : Sweat does not equal to calorie burn. When your body temperature rises, brain is signalled to produce sweat to cool down your body and regulate the temperature. It is basically an indicator of rising body temperature and nothing to do with calorie burn. If the workout is right, you will burn calories even without sweating.

2) Myth : Sleeping less leads to weight loss.

Fact : While sleeping excessively is not advisable. Adequate sleep of 8 hours is as important as other factors in weight loss. Apart from the calorie burn during sleep, rejuvenation is much-needed. On the contrary, it is sleep deprivation that could trigger obesity.

3) Myth : Spot reduction is possible.

Fact : Fat can never be reduced from a certain part of the body. Fats are basically Adipose tissues which are spread around the whole body, underneath the skin. A particular muscle area for strengthening can be targeted but you cannot target and control a particular tissue by workout.

4) Myth : More you work out, the better.

Fact : It is not the hours you workout but how effective you work out is what matters. Additionally, taking rest days is crucial too, specially after muscle strengthening exercises to give time for the muscle tear to repair and grow.

5) Myth : Big muscle workout is same as strong muscle workout.

Fact : If you need beefed up muscles you need to focus on hypertrophy workout which includes heavy weights, more repetitions with less intervals. Muscle strengthening is a different workout altogether and you may not bulk up until combined with the former. You may also notice that sport athletes focus on strengthening and the body builders are often focussing on hypertrophy to showcase pumped up muscles.

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