10 ways to induce walking into your hectic schedule!

the motley avenue walking

Walking is one magical tool for good health, often underrated. Everyone is aware of the benefits offered by this free of cost membership to fitness. From a healthy heart to a brain boost, to over all fitness for all ages, the benefits are endless!

Knowing all of this and much more, how often do we follow it??  

Some major constraints are sedentary lifestyle, the drive, the consistency and most relateable is hectic work schedules and just struggling to find time for the same but what if the same could fit right in your hectic schedule??

Do try this 10 ways to induce walking in your daily routine and take your first step to fitness.

1) Walk to run errands


While the phrase actually asks you to run, walking should suffice. Give that car a rest and take a walk to the grocery store near by. If the store is at distance or going for some hearty weekend shopping, park the car at a midpoint and go walking around the stores, the key is to avoid drive thru for every little corner around.

2) Make it romantic


Your heart aches to revive those sweet moments in love filled with great conversations and some quality time with your partner? Why not take it over a romantic walk every evening? Make it a pact to go for a walk together everyday and let that love blossom again in the midst of a healthy walk.

3) Walk to work

the motley avenue walking

What better way to beat the Monday morning blues than a refreshing walk to work itself and soaking in the lovely morning sun. While the idea seems weary at first, it actually makes you more active for the day ahead and then the walks in return are even better and much needed to relax your muscles due to hours of continuous sitting. If your work place is not a stone’s throw away then a walk to the subway is your way out.

4) Troop along friends

the motley avenue walking hectic life

Catching up with friends for yet another chat over coffee? Bring some newness and energy by marching across to your favourite scenic spots or exploring some new place or just go to that track and take a walk while you talk.

5) Change the waiting trend

Awaiting people, getting annoyed, sitting at a corner and just watching the watch ticking? Try ticking your feet for a change and move around the place, utilise even the waiting period for a good health and a fine mood.

6) The booster walk

walking the motley avenue

Having a hectic day at work and going for a regular break? Instead try taking a good walk around and make it count! Not only will your grey cells bounce back more refreshed but also your jammed muscles will thank you. Even give that cubicle discussions with your colleague, a fresh air, by taking it on a walk.

7) Get that ‘me’ time 

Escape from the everyday clamor and discover yourself with a quiet walk, listen to your favourite music, explore new places, just spend some lone time and give yourself that much needed space from the buzz and find your peace moment with just walking!

8) Go techie

You start a walk but you seldom have the drive for it and lack the consistency. It is time to get those tracking gadgets working! Set up daily targets, challenge your friends and stay engaged and encouraged in a fun way.

9) Bond with kids

It is often told that indulging in atleast one activity with kids help in enhancing the bond but when you do not have all the time to go for a full-fledged activity then why not begin with an effortless healthy walk, right in your community! Additionally, this helps in inculcating a good habit in them from the very beginning.

10) Make that move

The least one could do for a healthy start is to say no to elevators or escalators, keep a track to get up and take a walk around when sitting at a place for too long, get up and get things done and avoid automation for everything.

If you follow at least one of these, you are surely signing in for a healthy life!

Hope you found the article useful!



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