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10 weirdest laws in the world!

the motley avenue weird laws posthumous marriage France

The world is one amazing yet weird place, which gets weirder with these laws imposed in various countries. Let us take a look at the 10 weird laws that are sure to leave you boggled.

1) You can marry a grave in France

the motley avenue weird laws posthumous marriage France

Though sounds spooky, it is one amazing law France has for ages now. Long ago, when a martyr died few days before his marriage, his ladylove appealed in court to still marry him, surprisingly the court agreed and the law of posthumous marriage was born. Since then, it is legal to marry a dead person in France, as long as one has a proof of deceased’s intent to marry that person. Even today thousands of petitions are filed, while most are for monetary benefits, which is prohibited by law and rejected. The ones accepted go through a formal ceremony conducted by the priest near the grave. Thus, the spouse is declared both wife and widow on the same day!

2) No atheists in public offices

the motley avenue weird laws United States

Godliness is taken seriously in public office of the United States. An atheist or a non-believer in the supreme being cannot hold office in many states in the U.S., though sounds startling, is absolutely true. The law is based on the belief that the one who holds the same belief as the public, is the only one who can relate with public sentiments, understand issues and be empathic. Apparently, it is also imposed as they often lack the public trust and face discrimination at the polls.

3) Denmark’s law on personal names

the motley avenue weird laws denmark

A new little one in the family and slogging with the name search? Do not worry, the government of Denmark has planned it all for you. Well yes, the government of Denmark has a law on personal names where a concrete list of names is presented and one needs to adhere to the rules by the law and also the list for naming their baby, so as to avoid any weird names or any ridicule the baby might face in future. If you still wish to name your baby something out of the box, then taking special permissions, giving applications and spending a whopper amount of dollars would get you that name. Well then, I would rather stick with the law!

4) A fixed waist line in Japan

the motley avenue weird laws Japan

Perhaps, the people in Japan keep measuring tape handy as going beyond a particular waist line is not adhered by the government, that too in the land of sumo wrestlers! While women should comply with 35.4 inches, men cannot exceed the limit of even 33.5 inches. The metabo law is mainly to eradicate health issues due to overweight and is for the 40 to 74 age bracket.The yearly check up monitors and gears up people to take up fitness measures, to abide by the law. If a person fails to comply then their insurance rises up which is eventually paid by their companies. So, even companies are indirectly pushed to encourage employees for fitness regime. Lastly, even the sumo wrestlers are no exception to the law but are just young for it! 

5) No chewing gum on the streets of Singapore

the motley avenue weird laws singapore

One of the cleanest cities in the world goes a step ahead in cleanliness. Though litting and spitting is the age old popular ban here, one is not even allowed to chew gums on streets to avoid any litter. Certain places actually hold ‘no chewing gum’ signs and needless to say you are heavily fined if caught doing so. In fact, importing and selling of chewing gums is also banned. The only exception to the law is a nicotine or a dental gum.

6) Drive slow in Finland, Richie Rich!

the motley avenue weird laws Finland

Be careful if you are speeding in Finland, specially if you are rich! In Finland, a person is fined as per his income, so a rich person will be fined more than the average earner for driving at the same prohibited speed. The law is set up on the fundamental that it is the higher income people who drive more recklessly and behave unethically. Moreover, nominal amounts of fine do not affect them so they are all the more careless. Apparently, a Finnish businessman was fined a whopping $58,000 for driving at 64 m.p.h in a 50 m.p.h. zone. Ok! now is that fair or unfair?

7) Divorce is illegal in Philippines

the motley avenue weird laws phillipines

In Philippines, once you are married you are bonded forever! Rather have to be, by the law. A couple is not allowed to take a divorce may what the reason be, though separation is allowed in extreme circumstances but a divorce is a strict no no! Moreover, an extra marital affair while separated, is absolutely prohibited and heavily fined. Of course, there stands no chance of second marriage. Well, may be the vow ‘together until death do us apart’ was born here.

8) You cannot wear heels in Greece

the motley avenue weird laws greece

Your favourite stilettos are not a fit on the land of Greece , specially if you visit the archaeological sites including the Acropolis. The Greece architecture is seemed to be getting affected by the walking pencils poking in the ground and hindering the structural beauty. So, carrying the pointed fashion of footwear in Greece is perhaps pointless.

9) You cannot feed pigeons in Venice

the motley avenue weird laws pigeon feeding venice

If you love pigeons and feeding them gives you solace then keep that thought at bay when you are at St. Mark’s square in Venice. Pigeons were found to be falling ill due to disrputed feeding and also alleged for spoiling building structures. So, the government imposed the ban but what boggles one’s mind is charging 700 dollars for an innocent intend.

10) Saudi Arabia is not fond of the colour red!

the motley avenue weird laws saudi arabia-2_495x524

If you plan to celebrate your next Valentine’s across Saudi, think again! Forget celebrating it, you can’t even wear or buy anything red here, on this day. Yes, that includes everything from red roses to even gifts wrapped in red. Though you can wear red and buy gifts for your beloved on any other day around the year but on this day, it is strictly prohibited. In fact, the religious police ahead of the day, scrutinizes and bans all stores to have anything related to Valentine’s day. The law is imposed as it does not support entertaining a Western occasion named after a Christian saint.

So, the next time you are in a country with a bunch of weird laws, rather have a check before you are royally ruined!


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