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Alice in Cheeseland! – 10 popular cheese.

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If Alice were drawn to Cheeseland it would be for its magical yet peculiar aroma and the thousands of mind boggling varieties, the unique taste and texture each cheese offers, eventually making her an absolute cheese fancier.

The origin of cheese is as old as recorded history, almost 6000 years ago. As time passed, cheese has evolved with various methods including curdling and injecting with flavours and rinds. Additionally, fermenting for weeks, months and even years!

Contrary to age old belief, cheese in smaller quantities is very good for health, with benefits of high calcium, protein and vitamin D. It is also a crucial component in the ketogenic diet.

Therefore, indulge in some cheese tasting with the most varied and popular cheese across the globe !


1. Emmentaler 

emmentaler cheese themotley avenue
A typical Emmentaler block.

This is the most famous swiss cheese among others like Raclette and Gruyere, and the source is cow milk.

Home land – Switzerland
Method – Strong brine wash and ripening for holes.
Aroma – Sweet and grassy
Texture – Hard
Taste – Fruity and nutty

Fun fact – Carbdon di oxide creates bubbles, due to which the famous holes in Emmentaler are formed. In fact, the cheese with no holes is called ‘blind’.

2. Oscypek 

Oscypek cheese the motley avenue
The handed down spindle shape of Oscypek.

Home land – Poland
Method – Scalded-smoked
Aroma – Smoky
Texture – Semi-hard, firm and chewy
Taste – Salty

Fun fact – Shepherds living in mountain huts gather up and make this in the same old style. Additionally, it gets its shape and pattern from wooden moulds.

3. Parmigiano Reggiano

parmesan parmesan cheese the motley avenue
The cheese block with its special Parmesan knife

It is commonly known as Parmesan and it source is cow milk.

Home land – Italy
Method – Whisking whey, cooling & knitting.
Aroma – Strong
Texture – Hard rind and grainy interior
Taste – Fruity, sharp and nutty

Fun fact – The name is actually pinholed when soft and is also called ‘The King of Cheeses.’

4. Feta 

Feta Cheese the motley avenue
A Lager’s fascinating companion

This famous Greek cheese means ‘slice’ and the source is goat or sheep milk.

Home land – Greece
Method – Washing rind with salt brine
Aroma – Strong and nutty
Texture – Soft and crumbly
Taste – Salty and tangy

Fun fact – It is one of the world’s oldest cheese,even the epic Odyssey mentions it!

5. Aged Gouda 

gouda cheese the motley avenue
A quintessential cheese factory in Netherlands.

The Gouda’s source is goat milk and it in itself has 7 categories, of which aged Gouda is very popular.

Home land – Netherlands
Method – Stretched curd brined and aged for 2-3 years
Aroma – Rich & ripe
Texture – Hard, brittle and flaky
Taste – Full flavour, burnt caramel

Fun fact – This country has 5 markets just dedicated to cheese, Gouda being one of them.

6. Handkäse 

Handkäse Cheese the motley avenue
A customary topping of caraway seeds

Home land – Germany
Method – Natural, handmade & rindfree.
Aroma –  Pungent
Taste – Sour & Piquant
Texture – Soft & firm

Fun fact – When served with chopped onions it is called Handkäse mit musik, literally meaning cheese with music referring to sound of flatulence due to onions.

7. Cheddar 

Cheddar Cheese the motley avenue
Mouth-watering cheddar cubes

This worldwide famous serving is always made from cow’s milk.

Home land – England
Method – Natural rind and binding in cloth
Aroma – Smoky
Texture – Hard and crumbly
Taste – Creamy and sharp

Fun fact – It never turns orange due to aging but due to adding the spice Annatto.

8. Roquefort 

Roquefort cheese the motley avenue
A conventional french serving after the main course.

The blue delicacy‘s source is sheep’s milk and though the most popular, the oldest one is Gorgonzola from Italy.

Home land – France
Method – Injecting pencillium for blue and green veins and then stored in caves for aging.
Aroma – Acidic
Texture – Semi-soft and crumbly.
Taste – Tangy green veins, smoky and salty.

Fun fact – Apparently, it was formed when a guy left cheese in a cave and ran away in pursuit of his lady love and came back only after months.

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9. Provolone 

provolone cheese the motley avenue
The cylindrical shaped Provolone

Provolone is usually of two types that is Dolce and Piccante, the former being mild and latter being sharp.

Home land – Italy
Method –  Artisan
Aroma – Pungent
Texture – Semi-hard
Taste – Buttery, tangy, sweet and spicy.

Fun fact – This cheese is usually made into different shapes like pear, cone, melon or cylindrical and is hung with twines for slicing.

10. Mozzarella 

Mozzarella Cheese the motley avenue
The high-moisture content, famous topping

Mozzare is Italian for ‘cut off’, as curd is cut into pieces while making and Mozzarella is always from cow’s milk.

Home land – Italy
Method – Natural & rindfree
Aroma – Mild, fresh & milky
Texture – Semi-soft, springy & supple
Taste – Milky

Fun fact – Italy alone makes 400 types of cheese.


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