An affair in South France!

bordeaux place the motley avenue

You think of France, you land in Paris, go to the Eiffel, walk the Élysées and then give that wanderlust a rest?

Well, the journey of France surely begins in the city of love but without exploring the facets of love, the wanderlust does not suffice and when the facets are unveiled in South France of all, you are in for an absolutely striking nouvelle affair!

So, let’s get started with this voyage for the most enthralling experience ever!

Love at first sight

Lavender fields at Manosque.

The lavender blanket of meadows envelopes you with the freshness of first love. In fact, it is your mate entirely en route from Manosque to Valensole.

A distant desire

The Carlton hotel, Cannes.

It is time to dress in the fashion of Antibes street, get pampered with the L’occitanie products and wear the self-created scent at Grasse – the perfume capital of the world! These places simply indulges you in the aura of a celebrity before you take a bow at Cannes.

Skip a beat

Skiing site at Marseille.
Gouffre Berger cave.

The adrenaline gets rushing with the most thrilling activities of snorkelling in Marseille, skiing high in Octianne and the water sports of Pyrenees national park are a stirring treat but an absolute breathtaking stunt is the Gouffre Berger caving and lake daoux flowing in the cave itself.

France tracing the trance 

Vineyards at Bordeaux.

Raising a toast to the sprawling vineyards where the air smells of grapes, lips are tinted red and palettes trace their flavours from the royalty Cabernet Sauvignon to the sweeter sip of Merlot and where glasses clink for the Sauvignon Blanc.

The unforgettable crush

Saint Tropez beach view.

If you feel the bracing sea air, hear the hush of pristine waves and see the sun glinting off the skies soaking you, then you are captivated by the French Riviera. Evidently, the famous Saint Tropez or the oldest Hyeres or the classic Antibes, Cote d’Azur beach resorts are an everlasting obsession.

 An adorable attraction

The Boursse palace.
Carcassonne castle.

The heritage simply spells aloud with the Carcassonne castle’s archaic and royalty it reflects. While the façade of Boursse palace meticulously worked two decades to leave you awestruck, the village of Gordes made its own extravagant niche in the UNESCO.

Craving for more

Roquefort cheese caved for aging.

If the irresistible olives, baguettes and crescent croissants cannot relish your hunger then their famous blue cheese Roquefort and its cave tours will surely fill your appetite.

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An infatuation that lasts

Rothschild’s villa top view.

The Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is an absolute elites’ holiday paradise. It offers the privacy of the Paloma beach and the extravagancy of Passable beach, this jet setter town also sets you in for a visit to the classic villa of the world’s secret rulers Rothschild’s.

The romantic twist

The city of Monaco.

While engaging in the nuances of South, a sneak peek at the yacht-liner Monaco offers a demeanour of its own, with its leisure sailing and acute classiness of the famous Monte Carlo casino.

The goodbye bisous

Nice city with Cote d’Azur beach view.

Off the coast, in the city, in the tiny bylanes of the old town, getting up close with the orange colour capped houses of wood and brick, picking a souvenir off the tree-lined boulevards and a walk down Promenade de Anglais brings you to the perfect Au revoir!


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