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Found the right foundation yet?

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The endless struggle to find the perfect foundation is common for all women out there. Though the list of mistakes is endless, one usually makes these two blunders! (I have done it too, guilty as charged!)

Mistake 1 
Using foundation as the one-in-all wand! Quit this habit, if you want that professional flawless look. Foundation is not to add layers or cover all your dark circles and blemishes. It is primarily to give a base and even out your skin tone with a little or medium coverage or literally as the word says – to give a ‘foundation’ to your make up!

Mistake 2 
Picking the wrong foundation without checking the undertones, oxidizations, skin type and many more. Picking foundation the right way is as important as picking the right brand.

Now, let me take you through the 5 magic steps to your perfect foundation.

STEP 1/5 : First things first

Pick as per your skin type. An oily skin should go for a water-based foundation to retain the glow and avoid greasiness and a dry skin should go for an oil-based to get that glow. The ground rule is to counter your skin type and make it even. More importantly, pick the one that lasts longer for your skin type.

STEP 2 : Get the right undertone⇒⇒⇒





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