India’s 7 wonders : Our pick!

auroville India the motley avenue

India could definitely be tagged as the land of wonders where every nook and corner you pop in, is a wonder in itself.

Here is just a list of 7 amazing ones of all India has to offer.

1. Kailasha temple

Kailasha Temple India the motley avenue
The monolisthic Kailasha temple, Maharashtra.

This unique piece was a huge rock unearthed and crafted from top to bottom. The highlights are its intricate carving and the foresight of top-bottom benchmark engineering. Apart from this, the mystery of missing rock excavations of 200,000 tonnes astonish archaeologists and architects around the world. Furthermore, the possibility of all this way back in the 8th century is absolutely mind-boggling.

2. Barren Island

barren island India the motley avenue




This is home to the only active volcano in the whole of South Asia. Being dormant for 150 years now, is back to its old habit of smoking. The sight of it is absolutely exhilarating. So, when you take a plunge right under the volcano, it would surely give that adrenaline rush. No wonder this Andaman & Nicobar islands’ site is one of the most popular scuba diving spots.

3. Auroville

auroville India the motley avenue
Auroville projected aerial view, Tamil nadu & Puducherry. Photo credit :

Ever dreamt of a place with no politics, no religion, full of peace and all of harmony? Well then, Auroville town is your dream come true. First of all, the city is an universal experiment where there is no government or written laws. Secondly, Barter system and sharing are the primary modes of exchange. In fact, this place is a haven where humanity is the motto, education is the priority and united progress is the aim. It is also self-reliant with cropping, farming and other industries. Additionally, the galaxy inspired architecture speaks volumes about their intellect and vision. Simply put, it is a city the world needs today.

4. Pangong tso

pangong tso India the motley avenue
The sprawling view of the lake at Ladakh.

This endorheic lake shares transborder of China and India and is situated at an height of 4,350m and freezes completely during winters. As a matter of fact, it is so highly frozen that ice skating events and festivals are organised yearly. Plus, when the sun glitters and glares the brackish water, the water reflects its mood swings with changing shades of blue.

5. Lonar crater lake

lonar crater lake1 India the motley avenue
Lonar crater lake, Maharashtra.
lonar crater lake India the motley avenue
Satellite view.

When space shot a ball of blazing fire with an unbelievable hypervelocity of 6,700 mph, this rugged crater was formed. While it took seconds to crate it, it took years to bucket in the alkaline water. This 52,000 years old cavity is the largest balsaltic rock crater in the world. Besides this, today the site is a famous spot for trekking.

6. Loktak lake

the loktak lake India the motley avenue
Phumdis in Loktak lake, Manipur.

North East India’s largest freshwater lake is known for its floating Phumdis. The mini islands are often found floating and changing their sizes and shapes across the year. This floating lake is part of the only Floating National Park in the world. Additionally, it is home to the local fishermen. In reality, they not only have floating houses but also have one of its kind floating school!

7. Phuktal Monaestry

phugtal monestry India the motley avenue
Phuktal monaestry, Ladakh.

This remotest of the remote Buddhist domicile can be reached on foot only. The 6 hour walk is absolutely worth it when you land in this serene world of its own. While it gives a traditional impression, the school provides the most progressive curriculum of all. Noteworthy, are the peace spreading festivals and meditation sessions which gives a soul stirring experience. Interestingly, Phuktal literally means the cave at liberation. In addition to this, is a traditional Tibetan clinic which is unique in itself. 


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  1. An amazing collection of places, a few i wasn’t even aware they existed!! Who needs to go around the world when the same can be experienced going around India.. Thanks to the team here for collating and presenting such vast and amazing options to go for.

  2. It looks like a great place to visit. I will definitely put this on my bookmark as my future references to my next travel visit.

  3. What a wonderful list this is, away from the usual suspects of Jaipur and Taj Mahal. If I have the chance to visit India again, I would definitely visit all these places!

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