Our Team

Our team understands the varied interests a person withholds and the desire to gain acute knowledge in exploring the same. Thus, our team is dedicated to provide not only a guide to all your interests but also to make it more reliable with the much needed experts’ insight and diverse personal experiences in every category possible.

In fact, every idea is intricately scrutinized, compiled with the vision standards, and when scales to perform as the most interesting, useful and unique serve, is only then plattered, to enlighten our readers completely.

Shreta Jhaveri, Creative & Content Design Head. 

A post graduate in management discovered her creative side with unwilted writing and just like every woman, she naturally imbibes as a beauty & fashion enthusiast. While she has an undue admiration towards fitness, is best described as a curious soul, whose journey to acquire and share her insights on unique facets of the world never ends. In a way, the platform even quenches her thirst for knowledge, making her all the more enthralled and progressive.

Contact: tma.shreta@gmail.com

the motley avenue rohit jaiswal

The roller coaster ride in worksphere for over a decade now has led to his established entrepreneurship in various entities today. Not only is he the idea behind the concept but also sets his foot high by clubbing innovation and creativity to escalate readers’ experience to the next level. While he is mostly wrapped up with work in his cubicle, he often steps out and travels the world around exploring its uniqueness. This in fact is the reason for his belief and drive in this endeavour.  

Contact: tma.rohit@gmail.com

Jeetendra photographer the motley avenue

Jitendra Sharma, Travel Photographer.

A project manager by profession and a photographer by passion. This shutterbug unveiled his interest while travelling and exploring new places and it took him a while to realize that this is what satisfies his soul.

Contact: tma.jitendra@gmail.com


Dr. Nida Fatima Hazari, Nutritionist.

This bearer of a doctorate in food and nutrition, is immensely dedicated in creating awareness and providing nutritional counselling to one and all. Her contribution is not only limited to her highly credited papers in international journals but also her personal approach to the rural masses, sets her apart. Her constant zest for adapting new skill sets and reaching out new zones, to make nutrition an integral part of one’s life in an easy way, lands her here.

Contact : tma.nidafatima@gmail.com