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Winter hair care | My 8 never fail hacks

the motley avenue winter hair care hacks

As much as I love this winter season for the snow-clad houses & the festive vibe, it tenses me up with the hair damage it brings along!

I would rarely experience hairfall or dry static hair but winter ruins it up completely for me and all the care that goes throughout the year is completely wasted. Guess, that’s what winter brings in for all of us.

But wonder why it happens?

Well, healthy hair is a result of genes, nutrition, balanced hormones, hair care & favourable weather (if that were an option!). Every season has a different impact on hair and winter gets worse of all primarily due to the following reasons.

Lack of Keratin

Keratin is a protein component that is important for providing hair production, regeneration and basically healthy hair with nourishment. Each of your hair consists of 90%  of the water insoluble keratin.

Keratin though sustains weather, cannot withstand weather extremity and gets drained, resulting in excessive damage.

Lack of Melanin production

Melanin is a pigment for retaining skin and hair colour. It also acts as a protective shield against UV rays.

During winters since UV rays are scarce the production of Melanin is also limited which affects the hair follicle and results in fading / lighter hair colour too. Lack of Melanin makes hair greying more prominent and possible, without utmost care.

Shed cycle

Melanocytes are the cells found in the hair follicle and hair bulb for color retention and protection. These are the cells that form Melanin, stop providing pigment to the body in winters.

This when clubbed with the regular shedding of dead skin cells and hair a human undergoes, the mature melanin cells also shed off, leaving a lighter and drier skin or scalp, resulting in drier unruly hair.

Lack of nutrition or hair care

The most ignored aspect of healthy hair during winters or even otherwise is maintaining a healthy diet and regular hair care with nourishing treatments.

So, keeping these reasons in mind i buckle up with a few hacks before the harsh winter strikes in and ruins my beloved locks.

My 8 never fail winter hair care hacks 

1.Avoid hot showers

Winter hair care hacks the motley avenue

Oh yes! As much as we would love hot showers in this freezing winters, our hair care demands us to strictly adapt to cold showers for avoiding damage.

So, try switching to moderately cold water if not completely cold, to wash your hair and avoid further damage and starched up static hair.

Cold water tightens open pores, prevents hairfall and also results in shiny and smooth hair.

2.Make oil your shield

the motley avenue winter hair care hacks oil

Nothing protects my hair the way oil does. I religiously apply virgin coconut oil regularly, though I have no patience to massage in for the norm of 30 minutes or so but it still works very well and restores my hair the worn-out nourishment and with time, I have experienced healthy hair with this routine.

If not oil soaked, try applying oil at the tips of your hair and roots too, if scalp is dry. Though shampooing less in winter would be a wise choice, wiser one would be to apply oil before every wash.

Though, nourishment is achieved through right nutrition, oiling hair acts as a shield against drying and is also relaxing. If oiling is still not your thing then leave-in conditioners can be your go to.

3. Left-to-dry hair packs a no-no

Contrary to the idea of hair packs being good for hair care, these products should be avoided in winters specially the ones that require to be dried up before cleansing.

The chemical components and drying agents present in these packs result in brittle, damage and breakage of hair. It even dries up your scalp of the oils needed and triggers excess oil production and is unpleasant for those with an oily scalp.

Basically, avoid the ones like fuller’s earth or henna (though filled with benefits otherwise) that dry completely and needs rigorous washing which again leads to excessive breakage.

4.Braid/Cover your tresses

the motley avenue winter hair care hacks cover braid

The best time to flaunt the french braids and fish tail braids is here, not only does it spells style but also keeps your hair ruly and protect from excess damage and tangle due to open hair.

Let the braid be, specially when you sleep to avoid breakage and tangle. It is also important to cover your hair with a scarf or cap when outside.

I prefer to roll up my hair in a cute beanie hat, to avoid the texture distress caused by harsh winter winds and the snowy flakes.

5.Trigger your diet

the motley avenue diet winter hair care hacks

It is also important to follow a healthy diet throughout the year and specially during winters kick in more gooseberries, almonds etc for a healthy shaft.

For making your hair keratin rich, eat more protein like nuts, beans, legumes & quinoa and dairy like milk, yoghurt & cheese for building up amino acids that produce Keratin for healthy and lustrous hair.

6.Heated styling & colouring

the motley avenue winter hair care hacks style

Being stylish with the latest colour fads and hair does comes with a price. Of course, you can’t skip donning your best look for a season but it needs special care too.

The hair is already lacking its best texture this season, one makes it worse with heated styling or chemical infused colours but if you still wish to colour your hair, go for colours with no ammonia or less chemicals and stick to no-heat natural styling methods.

It is also important to dry your hair before stepping out, set the dryer on the lowest or best is to avoid using it.

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7.Water the super tool

winter hair care hacks the motley avenue

Winter is the time we all cheat on water, don’t we? We may not feel the need of it but our body does. Due to cold weather and dry winds, the body’s water evaporates quickly and lack of moisture results in drier static hair.

When body is dehydrated, hair follicles are affected adversely. So, don’t skip on adequate water to stay hydrated.

8.Deep conditioning is your gold

the motley avenue winter hair care hacks

The best way to treat your hair is to give it healthy protein and biotin nourishment regularly and more so in winters. The oils dry up in winter and it is the right time for indulging in deep conditioning treatments.

If doing at home, the best would be a Keratin rich or Biotin infused conditioner for regular use. For taming frizzy hair, an argan oil-enriched conditioner works best.

While conditioners consisting of Beta carotene are a great choice, my personal preference is a Keratin or the Moroccan Argan oil one. Try going for deep conditioning at least once in a week  for the needed hair health.

Hope these hacks help you keep your lovely locks lovelier!

Do try it out and let me know how my winter hair care hacks work out for you!

written by Shreta Jhaveri 

The writer is a beauty & fashion enthusiast. She loves learning and experimenting with the latest beauty fads and evergreen remedies. She is here to share the best of her tried and tested beauty hacks that really work for one and all!


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